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Nathan and Marissa Knightes are the Owners and Creators behind this wonderful hand crafted small business. Nathan has been crocheting actively for 34+ years, and continues to design, and create from what his grandmother taught him. Nathan learned to crochet from his grandmother because he use to talk during her soap operas and back then if you missed it… you missed it for good. Over the years, Nathan and Marissa have always had a passion to serve others, and professionally have done it throughout their careers. The duo started their first business venture back in 2010 which would today be known as Little Luvin Stitches. As the years progressed Nathan has grown to love soft and cuddly yarn. Therefore Nathan utilized his business background and decided to go right to the source, to obtain his yarn. Working with manufacturers directly has allowed Nathan to carefully source the best yarns possible for your next Plushie Luv in a Box Subscription. Nathan comes from a family of teachers, and he loves to provide proper guidance and answer questions to make sure you are well on your way to create your very own plushie. Remember you never have to worry, because Nathan and Marissa will be there with you to create this plushie with video tutorials, and email support.

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